Sensitivity Scan




What we consume and what we are exposed to in our environment can greatly affect our wellbeing, creating a negative impact on the body. These are called sensitivities. By cutting sensitivities out of our diet or surroundings, our body can begin the process of balancing out. But how do we know if a food or environmental exposure is causing an issue? You may consume certain foods and immediately feel funky (upset stomach, bloating, gas, slow bowels, etc). With all of the ingredients on our dinner plate or in that packaged snack, it can be difficult to pinpoint which ingredients are the culprits of that nasty feeling. The Balanced Health Sensitivity Scan can determine close to 1000 potential food and environmental sensitivities by testing them against a client’s hair and saliva. The report will include a list of specific sensitivities that resonated. Sensitive does not necessarily mean allergic. Often, if a client avoids a specific sensitivity for at least 30 days or more, the sensitivity will subside and can be reintroduce.