SUSTAIN Subscription Packages

One’s health is not an easy fix and just like other things we operate in our lives, one’s body needs maintenance. The Balanced Health SUSTAIN Subscription Packages makes staying on top of your health quite a bit easier and affordable. We offer several different options listed below.

  • Remedy

    29.95Per Month

    9 Remedy Scans


  • Maintenance

    39.95Per Month

    2 Full Scans

    4 Remedy Scans

  • Wellness

    49.95Per Month

    3 Full Scans

    3 Remedy Scans

  • Rebalance

    59.95Per Month

    3 Full Scans

    6 Remedy Scans


All kits will be labeled and mailed to you at the start of your subscription. All subscriptions are automatically renewed after the end of 12 months. Cancellation of your subscription may be made at anytime. There is no cancellation fee, however, if you do not complete the entire subscription you signed up for you will be required to pay full retail price of any services you have received. Lost or misplaced kits can be replaced from Balanced Health for $5.00/kit plus shipping. The monthly payments made will be deducted from this total. If you choose to cancel your subscription please call 612-812-9121. After cancellation, all unused kits must be returned in new condition or a $5/per kit fee will be applied.

Full Scan

Our best results are seen in a set of three scans and three regimens.  That is why we encourage purchasing three collection kits at one time for a discount of $20 per scan.

The human body is complex. It is comprised of systems which are made up of organs, glands, tissues, and much more. These individual areas have their own function and how those areas are functioning greatly influence how well we look and feel. The Balanced Health Full Scan gives clients an inside look at specific stress on their systems and organs, nutritional and hormonal imbalances, food and environmental sensitivities, and resonating toxins. The Full Scan is a great option for first time clients as well as those experiencing chronic health issues. For more information about the individual sections of the full scan, select the scan options to the left that breakdown each portion into greater detail.

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Sensitivity Scan

What we consume and what we are exposed to in our environment can greatly affect our wellbeing, creating a negative impact on the body. These are called sensitivities. By cutting sensitivities out of our diet or surroundings, our body can begin the process of balancing out. But how do we know if a food or environmental exposure is causing an issue? You may consume certain foods and immediately feel funky (upset stomach, bloating, gas, slow bowels, etc). With all of the ingredients on our dinner plate or in that packaged snack, it can be difficult to pinpoint which ingredients are the culprits of that nasty feeling. The Balanced Health Sensitivity Scan can determine close to 1000 potential food and environmental sensitivities by testing them against a client's hair and saliva. The report will include a list of specific sensitivities that resonated. Sensitive does not necessarily mean allergic. Often, if a client avoids a specific sensitivity for at least 30 days or more, the sensitivity will subside and can be reintroduce.

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Balancing Scan

The Balancing Scan is a Remedy Scan plus it includes nutritional imbalances, hormonal imbalances, and resonating toxins. For the nutritional test, we scan for deficiencies in the following areas: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and fatty acids. If a deficiency is detected, we list that deficiency along with food sources that contain that particular nutrient. This gives clients guidance in knowing which foods would be beneficial to add or increase in their diet. For the hormone test, we scan for several different hormones produced in the body to determine if the body is producing too much or too little. This can indicate to clients why they may be feeling a certain way emotionally, mentally, or physically. For the resonating toxins, we scan for toxins that are directly affecting the body, its systems, and its organs. We scan for bacteria, viruses, chemicals, heavy metals, molds, fungi, mycotoxins, and parasites. Quite often toxins can hinder the assimilation of nutrients in the body. By knowing if there are toxins presents, we can determine if our nutritional imbalances are from a lack of certain food sources or toxins inhibiting the absorption of certain nutrients.

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Remedy Scan

Natural remedies such as herbs and homeopathics as well as nutritional supplements, can provide the necessary components to help our bodies reach optimal health. Instead of guessing which remedies or supplements are going to be best for an individual, at Balanced Health, clients are scanned against several therapeutic remedies. We are able to energetically use hair and saliva to identify what an individual's body is wanting in order to find balance. Although a particular remedy may work well for one person, a completely different remedy may work best for another person, even if the two people are experiencing similar issues. This takes the guesswork out of what it is your body is lacking or needing, making your goals easier to obtain. The Remedy Scan is a great option for everyone! It is especially great for those who aren't chronically ill but still trying to take the extra steps to feel their absolute best.

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Environmental Toxicity Scan

This scan is a great option for those who are concerned about the quality of their water and/or soil. A small soil sample (at least 2 tablespoons) can be collected from your yard or garden and placed in a ziplock bag. For the water sample, simply soak a cotton ball in your tap water and place it in a separate ziplock bag. The Environmental Toxicity Scan will test for resonating chemicals, heavy metals, and microbes. Some of the toxins we scan for include pesticides & herbicides, lead, arsenic, mercury, and aluminum.

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Prenatal Scan

The Prenatal Scan includes the sensitivity scan and the nutritional imbalance scan. For the sensitivity portion, we scan for close to 1000 different food and environmental sensitivities. Sensitivities can have a negative impact on the body and it's overall wellbeing, make it critical for the body to avoid any sensitivities that resonate. For nutritional deficiencies, we scan for vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and fatty acids. We list the deficiencies along with food sources that contain that particular nutrient. This scan provides expectant mothers with the necessary information to work towards optimizing the health of their own body as well as that of their unborn baby. 

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At Balanced Health, clients send us hair and saliva samples via mail, directly to our main office in St. Paul. Our Balanced Health technicians and practitioners use the latest BioEnergetic Scanning Technology to scan each client's samples. This allows us to specifically identify organ stress and other resonating issues with a client's body, taking the guesswork out of health. We offer a number of different scanning options which can be purchased individually or as a packaged deal. Click the scans to the left to determine which scan option would be most ideal for you!