Our Story

Founded in 2011 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Balanced Health was born out of the philosophy that when it comes to our health and our bodies, the more we know the better off we’ll be.
Balanced Health’s founder, Samantha Stupak, spent four years of her life sick in bed with Lyme disease. Following that experience, she made a commitment to natural health and helping others – particularly those with chronic health issues – find their path to a healthier, more fulfilling life.
With this in mind, she developed an effective system of using Bioresonance testing of hair and saliva to identify major stressors within individuals. Today, we are proud to offer a selection of tests designed to center in on specific, often invisible areas of sensitivity and weakness, as well as a broad range of homeopathic remedies that offer natural solutions for safely bringing strength and balance back to the system.

The Importance of Natural Health

The modern world puts a lot of unnatural stress on our bodies. From our reliance on fast, commercially processed foods to our near constant exposure to environmental toxins, it can often seem like the world we live in is out to get us. And in fact, the escalating rates of chronic illness, including cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cognitive decline suggest that the environment we live in is doing us a significant amount of harm.
Alternative medicine is part of an overall holistic approach to general health care and wellbeing. Though many homeopathic remedies have been appreciated and in use in other cultures for thousands of years, it’s actually only pretty recently that Western medicine has started to embrace alternative medicine as an important tool in the fight for better health.
Unlike more traditional modern medicine, alternative medicine is based on the idea that it’s always best to treat problems as specifically as possible and with the smallest dose possible. This is crucial for avoiding the myriad of health complications and side effects that often accompany pharmaceutical drugs. And while we will certainly always have a need for the innovations of standard medical care, there is something to be said for treating problems in simple manners and right at their roots.
The effectiveness of alternative medicine is evident in its widespread use across centuries and cultures. Science has been slower to pick up on the importance of natural, complementary care and there are a limited number of research studies available on natural remedies, but those that have been done show that alternative medicine has promising applications in everything from treating cancer to slowing the neurological advancement of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Our Process

In order to deal with ailments and sensitivities in the most targeted way possible, you first have to trace them to their roots. Our scans do just that, using a trusted and effective Bioresonance scanning process to garner crucial insights about functions and imbalances within the body.
The scanning process is simple. Here’s how it works: Once you order your preferred scan, we send out an easy collection kit right to your house which you then return with a hair sample and saliva sample. Back in our lab, we do a hair test and saliva test to look deep into the inner workings of your body, scanning for everything from food sensitivities and intolerances to hormone imbalances and deficits. We then send those results back to you.

The full scan is our broadest and most all-inclusive scan available. The Bioresonance scanning we do provides a wide range of insights, including levels of high stress or weakness, nutritional and hormonal imbalances, resonating toxins, and food and environmental sensitivities.

The prenatal scan provides expecting mothers with information on the health of their bodies, including sensitivities to close to 600 different food and environmental substances as well as any existing deficiencies in key vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and fatty acids.

The remedy scan helps take the guesswork out of choosing homeopathic remedies for natural health by examining exactly what nutrients your body is in need of. This helps us determine precisely which herbs and nutritional supplements you will benefit the most from.

The balancing scan is comprised of three different Bioresonance scans that look specifically at areas of imbalance within the body. These include a hormone test, a resonating toxin test, and a nutritional imbalance test. The balancing scan will also tell you what herbal and homeopathic remedies will best address your individual needs.

The sensitivity scan is designed to help you hone in on the causes of bloat, skin issues, mental fog, and joint pain. We scan your hair and saliva samples to figure out exactly which particular substances are reacting poorly with your systems, including nearly 600 potential environmental and food sensitivities.

The environmental toxicity scan is a little different than our other tests. Instead of a hair test and saliva test, we test the soil and water you breathe and consume and look for common environmental toxins, including heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides, lead, arsenic, mercury, aluminum, microbes, and resonating chemicals.

Get Started With Balanced Health Today!

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. While we remain a small operation, our homeopathic experts – including technicians, coaches, and practitioners – boast over 60 combined years of natural health experience. We provide all of our clients with the experience, education, compassion, and support that they need to make real positive changes in their health and wellness, and have worked with clients across a broad range of ages and issues.

Here at Balanced Health, we’re dedicated to sharing our passion for holistic health, natural remedies, and clean, sustainable living with all who seek us out. In addition to our Bioresonance scans, we also offer a wide selection of safe and effective homeopathic remedies to treat ailments and imbalances directly at their source.

Ready to get started? Explore our products and packages and visit our frequently asked questions page. We’re here to answer any questions that you might have on scans, results, and natural health, so visit our contact page if you’d like to reach us directly.
Thank you for stopping by, and congratulations on your first step toward a healthier life.

Our Team

Samantha Stupak, CNHP

Founder & CEO

After a debilitating struggle with chronic Lyme Disease Samantha devoted her life to helping others that struggle like she once did. In 2010 her journey began when she dedicated herself to bringing the tools needed to help people, and animals, from around the world. She has an undergraduate degree in Engineering, is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutritionist, has studied under some of the most cutting edge doctors in Alternative Medicine, and attended one of the premier BioEnergetic Colleges in the US. Her thirst for helping others is relentless and she is on a constant quest to learn. Samantha enjoys going against the grain, questioning the unknown, and spending as much time with the ones she loves. She and her spouse are the adoring parents to their four-legged baby, Max.

Rochelle Horbacz, CHHP

Health Consultant & Project Manager

Rochelle has been working for Balanced Health since 2013. She has an undergraduate degree and Master’s Degree in Education and is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. She enjoys communicating with clients directly during phone consultations to discuss their health and ways to achieve optimum wellness through natural remedies, supplements, and lifestyle choices. Rochelle and her husband are parents to two fun-loving boys and their fur-kid pooch, Farrah.

Barb Stupak

Head Technician

Barb became Balanced Health’s head technician in 2013. Prior to, she worked for 30 years managing clients in the health and beauty industry. She loves discovering what stressors are contributing to each client’s health concerns. Her passion is further driven from the joy she receives in hearing when clients make significant leaps in their health. Barb is an avid health nut and exercise junky. She loves being surrounded by her children and husband, traveling, paddle boarding, hiking, and biking.

Jaci Salley, Certified Health Coach

Business Development & Health Coach

Jaci joined the Balanced Health team in 2014 after her personal struggle with health. After much success with the scans she wanted to spread the word to the world about the power of BioResonance and Balanced Health. As a Health Coach, her main focus is on nutrition and mindfulness, however she also deep dives into creating meaningful relationships, a balanced personal life, loving your career, and physical fitness. Jaci enjoys playing volleyball, traveling, working out, yoga and reading.

Jenni Glandt

Administrative Assistant

Jenni has been with Balanced Health since 2016. She loves hearing the relief in clients’ voices as they learn there is a place they can turn to for help with their health, and people who understand what they are going through. For Jenni, the most rewarding part is hearing when clients are on a track to better health! Jenni’s joys are her husband, daughter, son, and beautiful granddaughter. She has three family dogs (Sully, Lucy, and Chewy), two family cats (Jack and Scooter), and enjoys raising beautiful Old English Bantam chickens.

Katie Peterson, CNHP & Certified Personal Trainer

Health Consultant

Katie has been working with Balanced Health since 2012, but recently joined the team as a Health Consultant, and soon to be a Naturopathic Doctor. She loves helping people achieve their health goals by teaching them to make healthy lifestyle changes! Her extensive educational background with a Masters in Exercise Science and Bachelors in Dietetics has instilled in her patience and understanding needed to work with diverse populations in order to meet the needs of each individual. Katie firmly believes that fitness, nutrition, and motivation are the keys to success!


Balanced Health, llc, deals strictly in educating people about general health through better nutritional approaches, improved lifestyle, health habits, and positive mental attitudes.

Employees of Balanced Health are not licensed physicians and cannot diagnose diseases, prescribe drugs or recommend treatments for specific disease conditions.

All evaluations/analysis performed by Balanced Health are designed to evaluate inherent constitution and temperament for the sole purpose of education of general health through nutrition, habits, and attitudes. All evaluations/analysis cannot determine specific disease conditions, and do not replace the diagnostic services offered by licensed physicians.

Balanced Health would never suggest ceasing any medical care one may be undertaking. Decisions regarding health care and the health care of those under guardianship are the sole responsibility of each individual and not the responsibility of Balanced Health.

These services are designed for educational purposes only and is not intended to serve as medical advice. The information provided on this site and in reports should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease.  It is not substitute for professional care.  If you have or suspect you may have a health problem or need medical attention, you should consult your healthcare provider.  

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and support. At Balanced Health, we are available for answering questions and concerns at any time via email at info@creatingbalancedhealth.com or call 612-812-9121.