There are countless benefits to BioResonance testing with Balanced Health.  The top reasons people work with us is to regain their health, knowledge, prevention, and the simplicity of the process.



We’ve had clients from all ages come to us living in pain, fatigue, bloating, skin issues, cognitive problems, chronic constipation, depressed, sleeplessness, hormonal challenges, and weight problems…just to name a few.  Taking control of you and your family’s health with the information provided can empower you to live the happy and healthy lifestyle you deserve.


Without the knowledge of where to start, how can one start to transform their health? Our testing will arm you with the information to get to the root of issues, allowing you to make the changes you need to live the life you want.


Often health issues do not present themselves for years prior to when the stress actually started.  Taking control into your own hands will allow you to take preventative measures long before an issue may arise.


We have developed a system to evaluate you in a non-intrusive way that doesn’t even require us placing one finger on you. With our state of the art BioResonance testing, we are able to very comprehensively analyze your hair and saliva sample…..even if you live on the other side of the country.


Our company was founded on the basis of compassion. This compassion was derived from our own struggles with chronic health problems and with this technology, able to overcome them.  It’s a blessing to be able to share this system that helps to improve the lives of so many.  It truly is our mission to change lives, one client at a time.  We work diligently to help our clients feel vibrant, healthy, and as happy as possible.  Our passion is obvious and our commitment to our clients is eminent.