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Olive​ ​Leaf​ ​Extract:​ ​An​ ​Herbal​ ​Boost​ ​For​ ​Body​ ​and​ ​Brain

Olive Leaf Extract one of the most significant staples of the Mediterranean diet: the olive is celebrated in its whole form, its oil, and its leaves.
The Mediterranean diet has long been touted as one of the healthiest diets in the world. Countless studies have shown that those who abide by it experience lower rates of cardiovascular disease and cognitive decline due to the high antioxidant and polyphenol properties of the diet, as well as its strong reliance on unprocessed whole grains, healthy fats, and seafood.
In countries like Spain, Morocco, Italy, Lebanon, and France, olives are abundant and cheap. For centuries, homeopathic practitioners and even laymen have been harvesting the leaves of olive plants for their medicinal properties. Even the ancient Egyptians recognized the special capabilities of the olive leaf, attributing heavenly qualities to it and using it in the mummification process.
So what makes the humble olive leaf so special? Most of it comes down to one of its primary compounds, a polyphenol called oleuropein, which first started garnering scientific attention in the early 1900s and has since been proven to benefit the body in amazing ways. Oleuropein contains a host of antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobial, and disease fighting properties. And that’s just the beginning of the therapeutic qualities of the olive leaf. Over time, research has shown a number of other important benefits that make the olive leaf one of homeopathic medicine’s most important herbal remedies.

The​ ​Big​ ​Benefits​ ​of​ ​Olive​ ​Leaf​ ​Extract

From your skin to your heart, olive leaf extract offers a wide variety of benefits. And thanks to modern extraction methods, we’re able to isolate the oleuropein in its purest form, bringing you all of its medicinal benefits in one simple tincture. Here are just some of the proven benefits of this renowned herbal remedy.

1.​ ​Improves​ ​cardiovascular​ ​health.​ ​One of the very first understood benefits of olive leaves were their ability to support cardiovascular functioning. The flavonoids (a group of polyphenolic compounds that include oleuropein) in olive leaves have shown a remarkable ability to protect cardiovascular tissue, reduce elevated leaves of LDL-cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol), and reduce rates of coronary artery disease. It’s no wonder then that olive leaves have been used for centuries as a remedy and protectant of cardiovascular health.

2.​ ​Lowers​ ​blood​ ​pressure.
​ ​Olive leaves contain anti-hypertensive properties that help support and balance healthy blood pressure levels. It has been found to significantly reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure and prevent high blood pressure on a similar level as a commonly prescribed blood pressure medication (and without the potential for all the unsavory side effects).

3.​ ​Boosts​ ​the​ ​immune​ ​system.​
​The antiviral properties in olive leaves can prevent against the common cold, as well as battle the viral microbes that lead to the flu and other respiratory infections. In addition to fighting off disease-causing microbes, olive leaf extract can keep viruses from replicating and further invading bodily systems.

4.​ ​Fights​ ​superbugs.​ ​Olive leaf extract is imbued with antibacterial properties that function like antibiotics to battle infections, even those that are quite serious, like pneumonia, candida, meningitis, hepatitis B, tuberculosis, and gonorrhea. But unlike antibiotics, it doesn’t cause bacteria to mutate and become immune to its infection-fighting powers, a major problem in modern medicine.

5.​ ​Protects​ ​skin.​ ​The benefits of olive leaf extract for the skin are significant and varied. Its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce skin puffiness and redness, and improve blood circulation and skin hydration. Olive leaf extract was also found to improve skin thickness and elasticity in mice with skin damaged by UV radiation. The antioxidant properties of olive leaf can also prevent cell damage and reverse the signs of aging.

6.​ ​Relieves​ ​arthritis.​ ​In addition to helping the skin, olive leaf extract’s anti-inflammatory properties also relieve inflammation—and pain—in joints. By reducing the production of inflammatory cytokines and enzymes, olive leaf helps protect joints from dangerous and uncomfortable swelling, and is effective in the treatment of both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

7.​ ​Strengthens​ ​brain​ ​functioning.
​ ​One of the major positive health effects of the Mediterranean diet is in improved cognitive functioning and the reduction of dementia rates. Much of this is traced back to oleuropein, which inhibits both the symptoms and occurrence of the enzymes that lead to Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other forms of age-related memory disorders.

Using​ ​Olive​ ​Leaf​ ​Extract

Olive leaf extract is one of our most popular herbal remedies, and is available in a 1oz bottle with dropper for just $19.50. To safely consume, combine several drops in about 1⁄4 or 1⁄2 cup of water. Because of the bitter taste, you may want to sweeten the mixture with a couple drops of honey or natural fruit juice. It is important to consume the tincture with water instead of directly as a way to protect your gut bacteria.
For olive leaf extract’s skin benefits, add 5 or 10 drops to your normal cleanser or lotion, stir, and apply as normal.
Consuming olive leaf extract in tincture form instead of through capsules is beneficial for two reasons: (1) tinctures are more potent, and thus more effective; and (2) a majority of the clinical trials done of the medicinal properties of olive leaf extract were performed using tinctures, so you’re more likely to get similar results.

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Protect your mind and body inside and out with the amazing power of olive leaf extract. Its unique abilities to protect cardiovascular health, prevent against cognitive decline, combat colds and flu, and more make it a necessary product in any homeopathic regime. Check our website to learn more!

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